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At All About Electrical, we understand that electrical emergencies don’t wait for business hours. That’s why we offer prompt and reliable Emergency Electrical Services to ensure your safety and comfort, 24/7. With our licensed and insured team at your service, you’re never left in the dark.

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When Do You Need Emergency Electrical Services?

Electrical emergencies can be serious and often dangerous. It’s crucial to identify situations that require immediate professional attention.

  • Frequent Power Outages: If you’re experiencing unexpected blackouts not caused by area-wide power cuts, it may indicate a serious issue.

  • Burning Smells or Sparks: These signs could indicate a potential fire hazard and require immediate attention.
  • Electrical Shocks: If you experience a shock when touching an appliance or electrical fixture, it’s a clear sign of an electrical problem.
  • Circuit Breaker Problems: Frequent tripping or a failure to reset can signal an overloading issue.
Electrician measurements with multimeter testing current electric in control panel.


From illuminating homes to empowering businesses, we’re your local electrical experts, providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions for all your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Plus, with 24/7 emergency services, we’re here to keep your world powered up.

Commercial Electrical

Elevate your business with tailored commercial electrical solutions. Modernize your office with sleek recessed lights or add a personal touch with customized light switch plates.

Ceiling Fan Installs

Transform the look and feel of your home with our ceiling fan installation solutions. A ceiling fan is more than just an appliance — it’s a perfect blend of style, comfort, and efficiency.

Home Electrical

Discover the beauty of a bright home. From ambiance-enhancing fixtures to energy-efficient upgrades, let your home shine bright with tailored lighting solutions.

Lighting Solutions

Embrace radiance and discover tailored lighting solutions to enhance your space, elevating ambiance and style to new heights.

Electric Panel Upgrade

Say goodbye to tripped breakers and welcome a future of efficient, reliable electricity for your growing home or business.

Generator Installation

Keep your home running when the power grid lets you down. Enjoy uninterrupted comfort, knowing your home has a power backup with a generator.

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24 Hour Emergency Services


8:00am – 5:00pm