Electrical Panel Upgrade to Keep Power Flowing

At All About Electrical, we believe in empowering homes and businesses with efficient and safe electrical solutions. Our electrical panel upgrade services are designed to keep your spaces well-powered, safe, and ready for modern electrical demands.

Supercharge Your Power Supply

Is your electrical panel outdated? Struggling to keep up with your increasing power needs? It’s time for an upgrade! Our electrical panel upgrade services allow you to power up your home or office efficiently and safely. Say goodbye to frequent circuit trips or flickering lights and hello to a steady and robust power supply.

Upgraded electrical box

Secure Your Spaces

Our circuit breaker installation services ensure your electrical panel is well equipped to manage your power needs.

  • We make sure it’s protected against any potential overload or short circuit.
  • Ensure a safer and more efficient power supply for your home or business.
  • We confirm no interruptions occur with the power flow to keep your property safe.

Electric panel upgrade with new electrical wiring.

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From illuminating homes to empowering businesses, we’re your local electrical experts, providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions for all your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Plus, with 24/7 emergency services, we’re here to keep your world powered up.

Emergency Services

Nearly 33% of structure fires are caused by electrical hazards. That’s just one reason we offer emergency services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Unidentified burning or smoke smells, buzzing from the breaker box, circuit breakers repeatedly tripping, flickering lights, and electrical shocks from outlets or light switches all signify potential electrical issues. Even if you’re unsure if there’s an emergency, call us.

Code Compliance

Electrical inspections and code compliance are crucial when building or buying a new home or commercial building. When wiring new builds and renovations, we ensure homes and businesses will meet the demanding power needs of the families and businesses that will occupy the buildings. When our extensively trained technicians exceed code standards, we know the families and workers of Middle Tennessee are safe.

Outlet and Switch Installation

New builds, extensions, or remodels for your commercial or industrial space require new outlets and power switches. We help plan the layout for your wiring, choose the proper outlets and switches for your equipment needs, and install safely and efficiently to exceed codes compliance. We also plan and install additional outlets and switches in existing spaces to provide additional power wherever needed.

Commercial Electrical

Highly skilled electricians are available around the clock to provide reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Our services cover every inch of your property, including electrical panels, appliance and equipment wiring, lighting and ceiling fan installation, landscape wiring and installation, generators, electrical vehicle charging stations, and contractor services for commercial construction.

Electric Panel Upgrade

The electrical codes compliance requirements of yesterday no longer apply. Your electric panel or breaker box could be nearly obsolete, which is a safety hazard that could result in electrical fires or power surges to important equipment. We’ll diagnose any issues with your commercial electric panel, recommend remediation, and perform the upgrade or replacement quickly so your business can keep moving.

Generator Services

Losing power to your home or business is more than an inconvenience, especially when electricity is needed to keep crucial manufacturing, medical, or electronic equipment running. Days without power could cripple a business. Faulty generators create potentially dangerous situations, from fires to electric shocks. Whether you’re facing issues with your current generator or would like to install a new one, we can help.